The world of medical coding is certainly getting more complex and challenging with the implementation of ICD 10.

We maintain a team of highly credentialed, knowledgeable medical coders. Claims are scrutinized to confirm proper coding methodology. Medical records are carefully analyzed to ensure maximum reimbursement. Our coding professionals are available to consult with clients on coding-related issues, and we offer tailored training to address specialty coding challenges.

Our coding strategies help us overcome the Up-coding (or over-coding) which will result in denial and Down-coding (or under-coding) that will result in reimbursement much lower than what you deserve.

Worried about ICD-10-CM ?

We are here to help you overcome the challenge. To prepare for ICD-10 implementation, it costs to hire an expert. Trident Medsolutions in-house ICD-10-CM trainer will assist you and your practice in becoming proficient in ICD-10-CM coding before the implementation deadline.

We provide regular feedback to our clients on changes in coding which affects reimbursements and documentation practices to be followed as per CMS guidelines.