According to Healthcare industry sources, 50% of all submitted claims are denied because a patient is not eligible for services billed to the payer. In addition, a patient would be holding an active policy but may be ineligible for benefits because his or her policy has been modified.

Inefficient or absence of a strong eligibility and benefit verification process results in delayed payments, rework, decreased patient satisfaction, increased errors, and nonpayment.

CLEAN CLAIMS is the slogan of our eligibility and benefit verification experts who constantly focus to considerably reduce the accounts receivable and increase revenue, by significantly plummeting the impact of ineligibility, and levering the number of CLEAN claims sent to insurances.

We achieve this by

Constant monitoring of the Schedules

Verify coverage on all Primary and Secondary (if applicable) Payers

Contact patient for information if necessary

Provide the client with the results of eligibility and benefits inquiry

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