Credentialing comes prior to your first claim being submitted. Your practice may face a HUGE loss in revenue if you fail to manage your credentialing and contracting in a proper manner. The most common thought about credentialing is it’s a long drawn out procedure, filled with completing applications & paperwork, waiting on hold for provider relation representatives, and congregation of documentation. But all your worries end here…..

Here’s how we can help!

New Provider?

So you’re a new provider, and you’re prepared to see your first patient. Are you planning to accept insurances? If so, you must credential with the insurance companies of your choice to receive reimbursement. We will help you credential and contract with the insurance companies of your choice.

Starting a New Practice?

You may be credentialed and contracted with your previous employer. The nightmare is the credentialing and contracts will not follow you to your new practice. When a provider changes tax-id, often times new contracts will need to be obtained. If you change states, the credentialing must start from the beginning in the new state, if for national insurance companies. We can help get you credentialed and obtain new contracts under the new tax-id or your social security number.

Need to add New Providers to your Group?

As your practice is grows, and you add new providers, insurance companies will require group contracts for practices with more than one provider. Now we have to credential each provider and then add them to the group contract, or have an individual contact that will pay to the practice tax-id. Trident Medsolutions will handle these processed in the most efficient way to ensure each provider has completed the required application and contracts to ensure your practice is paid for services rendered.

Want to accept a New Insurance Company?

Anytime you decide to accept new insurance Trident Medsolutions will help you to establish contracts with the new insurance company and review the fee schedule for the new insurance company. Trident Medsolutions will manage the re-credentialing cycle and automatically notify you of expiring documentation to ensure your physician’s files remain compliant and up-to-date.

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